Used Saddles For Sale

View Used Broken Horn 16” Outstanding handmade quality at a value price. Fully tooled, deep, narrow pocket; silver conchos; All Around $900 For Sale

View Used Champion Trophy Saddle- 16” Very little use There can’t be more than as few rides on this one; Champion’s best workmanship; genuine fleece; close contact skirts and rigging; Fully tooled; pre twist fender- replacement well over 3000- value priced! Reining $900 For Sale

View MINT Blue Ribbon Show Saddle Full Entz tooling; Blue Ribbon tree; 16’ padded down to 15.5”. Triple cloud silver pattern with corner plates to the edge. Show $4750 For Sale

View Used Bob’s Todd Bergen Reiner 16” Good solid condition used Todd Bergen Reiner from Bob’s. Upgraded silver package: close contact skirts-value priced as skirts don’t lay flat in back due to improper storage- but will look fine on a Horse Reining $1850 For Sale

View Used Cutter by Gene Bader 16.5” Gene Bader saddles are considered by serious cutters to be some of the finest custom, handmade pieces available . Here’s a solid condition, used cutter. Padded seat, half breed rough out seat jockey and fender. Cutting $1450 For Sale

View Bob’s used KR Lady Reiner Square Skirt Show Saddle 16” VERY nice condition used Bob’s KR. Square skirts, WRAPOVER silver corner pates, upgraded silver conchos and gullet conchos; Narrow seat. Priced at 1/2 of replacement Reining $3500 For Sale

View Bob’s Craig Schmersal Show Reiner 16’ One of NRHA 3 million dollar rider Craig Schmersal’s personal saddles, in great condition; many wins left in it! Full silver trim package including 3 sets corner plates, silver cantle, silver gullet, silver rigging dees; close contact skirts; upgraded Scottsdale tooling. Replacement price $10000; now available at less than 1/2. Show $4000 For Sale

View Unused Cactus Hardseat Cowhorse/All-Around16.5” Great value on Cactus Cowhorse/All-Around. Natural Fleece, silver conchos, heavy duty rig. All Around $900 For Sale

View Unused Cactus Trophy Saddle 16” Great value on an unused Cactus All-Around. Natural fleece, silver conchos, saddle strings; double stirrup leathers. All Around $900 For Sale
A676 View Champion Leather 16” Trophy Saddle MINT Nearly unused, this a great value priced saddle. One of Chapion’s 900 (top of the line) series saddles, this features close contact skirts, pre twist Fenders and natural fleece. Reining $950 For Sale

View Gorgeous Leddy Rancher/All-Around/Roper 15” Built by Paul Garcia for Leddy, fully hand tooled, with sterling conchos. Tree is tight- salddle in great condition, perfect for cowboy all around classes, roping, or ranch work. All Around $3000 For Sale

View Reinsman 16 inch show saddle-MINT Value priced flash in the show ring. Great color, for silver trim, sits low and close to the horse. Show $1150 For Sale

View MINT MINT MINT Bob's Show Saddle 15.5 The finest in show saddles performance and appearance. Features 8 sterling overlay corner plates to the edge, extra small tooling, extra light color, deep pocket, wrapover gullet silver, silver rigging dees. Deep, narrow pocket, close contact skirts; this saddle appears not to have even 10 rides. Show $5500 For Sale

View Vancore Classic! 14.5 Reduced! There just isn't a saddle that fit or wore better than the original Art Vancore saddles. A classic in design and comfort. 8 sterling corner plates; full floral tooling. Value priced for a Vancore All Around $1250 For Sale

View Billy Cook (Original Greenville) Vintage All- Around 14" For those who remember and appreciate fine saddlery, the Billy Cooks from the mid 70's were great saddles and handmade. Comfortable, Durable, Usable. This one has not had much use- great for trails, barrels, all around. All Around $850 For Sale
NEW SADDLES For new and custom Bob's Saddles Click Here

View Unique Silver Mounted HardSeat Bob’s Show Performance Saddle Here is an intricate, luxurious and refined appearance on the highest grade performance saddle. Outstanding multi dimensional silver trim including dees, corner plates and conchos. In stock in 16”; but we can build one with this look to your taste and performance requirements. Show For Sale

View Bob’s Ranch style Reiner In stock in 16 and 16:5”-Latimer, Af, and McQuay trees. Value priced- with a great look. All Around For Sale

View Tim McQuay show saddle 16 inch Great performance and outstanding silver. The saddle has it all. Reining For Sale

View GORGEOUS Bob's Hardseat JL Reiner 16" Elegant and simple - perfect for ranch classes, reining or cowhorse. Built on a BW tree; gorgeous antiqued finish with sterling over iron conchos and dees. Extra small basket/floral combination tooling. Show For Sale

View Bob's Training Saddle- Your choice of trees- Now in stock in the DL tree (available in any seat, tree, horn and rigging combination) the Bob's Custom Saddles trainer. Ride and work at home with the saddle that will give you the balance and comfort you need to make the most of your workouts and excel in the show ring. Training For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles New Antique Finished Duane Latimer Bob's has a great new look now available- shown here on the Duane Latimer model but available in any seat or tree. Sterling flat edge conchos- the Latimer features narrow, deep pocket with close contact skirts and rigging. In stock in many sizes or we can custom order one to your taste and budget. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Lady's Cowhorse Show Saddle- 16" Designed for attractive looks and great performance. Narrow, deep pocket; elegant, well appointed, but simple enough for ranch classes. Cowhorse For Sale

View Tim McQuay model from Bob's Custom Saddles- 15.5", 16", 16.5" in stock! currently our most popular seller- attractive square skirt, darker color, square silver conchos- silver scroll over iron. Great pocket- lots of feel- close contact rigging and skirts. Reining For Sale

View the BIKER Saddle from Bob's A new version of the saddle that has everyone talking. The Biker saddle from Bob's Custom Saddles. Unique trim- and high performance even if it is designed for one horse power instead of many! This one is in stock- or we can build one custom and personalized for you! Show For Sale

View Bob's Custom Silver Dolphin Saddle- UNIQUE From some of the best creative minds in the saddle industry, here's a unique look combined with Bob's fine quality fit and performance. This one is in stock- 16"- or we can work with you to design the saddle that reflects your individuality. Show For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Trail Saddle- NEW In stock exclusively at the latest from Bob's- the Four Peaks Trail or Training saddles. As little 27 pounds! All leather skirts, fenders; and Bob's custom designed trees of your choice, seats and trees JUST LIKE ALL BOB'S HANDMADE CUSTOM SADDLES- VALUE PRICED! 16" in rough out and 16.5" in smooth out in stock- ALL sizes available; Other For Sale

View Bob's Biker Special!, custom made for We can do any custom silver pattern you can think of. This one will be in stock again soon- 16"- however it can be built in your choice of seats and trees- or tell us your dream saddle- and we can execute it to your taste and needs! All Around For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Duane Latimer 15.5"-16.5" in stock The Duane Latimer continues to be the number one Bob's seller for non-pro riders! Deep pocket, narrow seat, close contact rigging and great styling. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Tanya Jenkins Deluxe Reiner 16 Shown with a silver trim package including gullet conchos and silver dees, full basket stamping with corner Entz pattern, just how Tanya likes hers. Deep pocket, narrow seat and bars designed to stay up on the withers and keep you down in the seat! Reining For Sale

View GORGEOUS ANTIQUED SCROLL SILVER Dark OIl Reiner This silver is just exquisite; 3 sets of corner plates, silver gullet, silver pommel pieces; It just doesn't get any prettier. Narrow seat 16" Larson tree in stock- but can be built to your specs too- Reining For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Bob Avila Hard Seat Cowhorse- Copper! At we continually apply innovative finishes to the finest performing saddles available today! This one has our new copper scroll trim; buy this one or order a saddle in any style (reiner, show, cutting, roper, trail etc) with this trim! Cowhorse For Sale

View Bob's Kid's Short Stirrup Reiner- 13" Now available- and in stock exclusively at - Bob's Short Stirrup saddles- 12 and 13" in stock- 13" is pictured; Bob's Quality- and seat- get that kid started right. Square skirt- in skirt rig for closer contact. Kids wooden stirrups. Value Priced! Buy as shown or custom order to your specs! Other For Sale

View Bob's Show Reiner FLASHY; square skirts- smooth out seat and SILVER; Corner plates with raised square conchos, silver dees, silver gullet conchos. Top performance too! In stock in a 16"- available in all sizes and colors; Reining For Sale

View Bob's Tim McQuay Show Reiner The pocket on this one is just the way Tim likes it; deeper, less padding; scooped out in the seat so you can really melt into your stops. We added a little flash too- full sterling overlay trim package including pommel plates, rear corner plates, silvered rear dees, and silver tips. In stock in a 15.5"- but available in any size to fit your needs. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Hard Seat We've had very favorable response on this one. Sits Up on the horse's withers to keep you centered instead of tilting forward. Lots of feel and eye appeal. Full baskset with corner floral; brown iron silver trim. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles New Teddy Robinson model 16" Teddy has re done his seat for a deeper pocket. Same close contact rigging; in stock with smooth out seat; can be custom ordered in any tooling and silver, and in any size. Cowhorse For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Square Skirt Hardseat 16 Brand new- exclusively in stock at Jordan Larson's reiner in a hard seat with an attractive intricate tooling pattern on the skirts. In stock as shown, but can be ordered with any combination of tooling and trim, and in any size. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Futurity Cowhorse Model New from Bob's- the Futurity Cowhorse shown here with square skirts, corner acorn tooling and medium oil finish- In stock in a 16"- available from 14-17.5" on order Cutting For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Lightweights! Perfect for the Select rider- the budget conscious-or those preferring a simpler, smaller saddle. Great for training, trail, and everyday riding. Narrow seat; deep pocket. Same performance as a Duane Latimer- lighter weight, lighter price and a 28" skirt. Exlcusively in stock at Available in sizes 14-17" All Around For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Lightweights! Brand new from Bob's- a lightweight- always wanted a Bob's- but didn't want the weight- SAME QUALITY; SAME FIT; SAME PERFORMANCE; LESS WEIGHT (28 pounds). Available in sizes 14-17" This is the perfect "day to day" saddle for pleasure riders and competitive riders who don't want to use their show saddles. Built on a Latimer tree with a 3.5" cantle- full forward swing in the stirrups with a close contact ride. All Around For Sale

View Bob's Custom Square Skirt Reiner-15 1/2-17" In stock- with a great clean look-Avila Reiner. Border running "w" pattern- silver conchos and tips- and a value price. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Lady Reiner Deluxe-16" Gorgeous intricate design- and the narrow seat/deep pocket preferred by non-pro female riders! Full sterling overlay trim pattern including conchos, gullet conchos, and rear silver engraved "d" Reining For Sale

View New Bob's Custom Show Saddle- Bob's Custom Saddles show saddles have always been top performers- and now have the looks too! Gorgeous sterling overlay trim package including silver horn, wrap gullet, 8 corner plates, cantle, stirrup trim; extra small, highly detailed tooling, with great color. Double padded rough out, narrow seat. Show For Sale

View Bowman Reiner-NEW from Bob's Sits low and close to your horse- and gives you the maximum feel. Order yours in any tooling or silver- or one from stock as shown here. For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddle Jordan Larson Square Skrit Reiner Great look at a moderate price. The Jordan Larson Reining Saddles from Bob's are becoming a favorite with this clean, modern appearance. Reining For Sale

View New! Bob's West Coast Show Saddle! Now at in stock- the finest Bob's Custom Show saddle ever built- get the most feel of your horse plus the desirable "leg back" position and the finest refined show appearance we've ever offered! Available in all sizes- 16" in stock. Show For Sale

View Bob's DL Deluxe Show Reiner 16" Built on the Avila tree- but with closer contact in skirt rigging. Fresh look with sterling overlay trim, lite oil basket combination tooling, and cream colored smooth out seat. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Texas style Hard Seat Rough Out Reiner New for Bob's Custom Saddles- Texas style reiner with hard seat and rough out seat jockey and fenders. Detailed basket/border/floral combination tooling; deep oiled finish. Narrowed seat and deep pocket. Reining For Sale

View Doug Williamson Cowhorse Square Skirt 16" worked personally with NRCHA World Champion Doug Williamson on this cowhorse saddle. This reflects Doug's demanding performance specifications and simple style. Cowhorse For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles Reiner- 15.5 Built on the AF tree, it is available in two different looks- butterfly or square skirt- and in stock for immediate delivery. Reining For Sale

View 16" Dunning Reiners in stock! New at Al Dunning reiners. Both with double padded narrow seat and close contact skirt and rigging. Sterling overlay conchos. Innovative hand tooled pattern. Choose between the square skirt "western" look or the extra silver on the butterfly skirts. Reining For Sale

View Teddy Robinson Cowhorse Saddles- Several in stock Here's a couple of new looks in the Teddy Robinson Cowhorse. Extra small tooling and sterling overlay trim. Cowhorse For Sale

View 16' Avila Cowhorse Show Saddles Choose from three different looks, all in stock for immediate delivery. Cowhorse For Sale

View Bob's 15.5" or 16" Avila Hard Seat Cowhorse In stock in both 15.5" and 16", this has the increased feel feel of the hard seat yet is surprisingly comfortable due to the deep pocket. Basket with corner hand tooled floral accents and sterling overlay conchos. Cowhorse For Sale

View 16" Avila Cowhorse Several Avila Cowhorse models in stock; this one temporarily sold out- but on re order in 15.5", 16, 16.5"; Cowhorse For Sale

View Randy Paul Hard Seat Show Reiner 16" Randy won the NRHA futurity with this seat and tree- and you can get this outstanding look for immediate delivery here at Full sterling overlay trim; unique sterling overlay rear cinch "d"; Reining For Sale

View 16" Bob Avila Square Skirt Cowhorse by Bob's Custom Saddles Gorgeous square skirt Avila Cowhorse model with oxidized iron/sterling overlay scrolls. Double padded smooth out seat, close contact skirts, pre twist fenders, basket corner wild rose hand tooled pattern. Flank Cinch included. Cowhorse For Sale

View New Bob's 16" Oxbow Cutter Bob's introduces its advanced competition cutter. This one is a 8 3/4 front Oxbow cutter- It's all about the pocket- one hits it right. Purchaser's choice of wood, leather or aluminum at no extra charge. Hard seat and Ranch Cutters available too. Cutting For Sale

View Bob's Show Reiner Shown with rough out seat and two sets of sterling overlay corner plates. Sterling overlay gullet conchos and rear rigging "dees". Great pocket for all around performance. Show For Sale

View Bob's Full Silver Show Saddle! Available in all sizes and oil finishes. All saddles posted here have 16" seats and are in stock as of February. Choose your saddle now for the show season! Show For Sale

View Bob's 16" Teddy Robinson Cowhorse Back in stock- padded, smooth out seat; sterling overlay conchos; close contact rigging disperses cinch strain and provides security for those challenging runs down the fence! Cowhorse For Sale

View 15.5" Bob's Custom Saddles :"DL" reiner Built with a slightly narrower seat and close constact skirts and rigging, this is available in all sizes- in stock in a 15.5" -16.5"; hand carved basket with corner "Tilo" pattern. Chocolate rough out seat; oxidized sterling overlay trim. Reining For Sale

View 16" Bob's Square Skirt Cowhorse/All-Around Here's the Avila tree with a rough out seat. Square skirts, hand carving, saddle strings and sterling overlay trim. Flank Cinch included. Cowhorse For Sale

View 14" Bob's Show Saddle A great all around show saddle for the youth rider! Full Sterling overlay trim, fully hand carved in the popular Entz pattern, close contact seat, rigging, and fenders; this one has it all! Show For Sale

View Square Skirt Reiner/All-Around 16 Distinctive look for reiners- square skirts, square sterling overlay conchos, attractive combination tooling- high performance! Reining For Sale

View 16" Duane Latimer Reiner Here's the same saddle as 1126 but in the lite oil finish. Our most popular seat in an attractive style. Ready for immediate delivery. Reining For Sale

View Bob’s Custom Saddles 14” Youth Reiner/all around Built on the DL tree for adult performance in a youth saddle, this one features full silver accents and hand tooling. Silver rear rigging “d”, gullet conchos, tips and narrow rough out seat. Reining For Sale

View 16" Bob's Square Skirt Reiner- Silver /Iron Trim-Back in stock! This one sold out quickly before; In stock in 15 1/2-16-16.5" sizes. Square skirts, distinctive conchos, gullet conchos, rear "d"; full basket with corner "Tilo" tooling. Reining For Sale

View Bob's 16" Show Saddle Butterfly skirts for closer contact, 6 stering overlay corner plates trimmed with "teardrop" accents. Heavy sterling overlay wrapover front. Border basket tooling with corner floral. Unique! Show For Sale

View Bob's - Buster Welch Futurity Reiner Solid Sterling trim- intricately detailed tooling and an advanced reining design. In stock in medium oil- but also available in lite on special order. Base model also available- basket stamping only. Reining For Sale

View Bob's Custom Saddles All-Around Deluxe This is the saddle in which you can do it all- rein, rope, turn a cow, see the scenery. Heavier rigging combined with detailed, hand tooled, finish. 16" in stock- other sizes available. All Around For Sale

View Bob's Bob Avila Cowhorse IN STOCK -IMMEDIATE DELIVERY- We stock more! Our most popular style and look in the cowhorse- now available in 16, 16.5", 17"; why shouldn't the people needing a bit more room have some style too? Sterling overlay conchos and tips; basket with corner entz hand tooled carving pattern; Flank included; Available in other sizes- 14-17"; Cowhorse For Sale

View Bob's 16" Base Model Here's the perfect seat in a plain saddle. All the fine Bob's performance features. Available in stock in Avila, KR, Schmersal or Latimer seats. For Sale

View Bob's Bob Avila Reiner- 15-17 Attrative medium oil saddle with sterling overlay trim and corner "Tilo" pattern. In stock in 15, 16 and 17" seat. All Around For Sale

View KR Reiner- 15.5", 16", 16.5", 17" IN STOCK Elegant and attractive reiner- full sterling trim including rear "d", conchos, and gullet conchos. Butterfly skirts, rough out seat and combination basket/Scottsdale floral. Sharp! Reining For Sale

View Bob's 16" Narrow Seat Show Reiner FANCY ornate silver overlaid on iron trim. Chocolate rough out seat and dyed edge to accentuate the distinctive look. "KR" or Latimer seat and rigging provides close contact feel. Full trim package includes deluxe "d's", corner plates, silver conchos and tips. Available in all sizes. 15.5" and 16" in stock. Reining For Sale

View 15.5" and 16" "DL" Square Skirt Show Saddles A truly distinctive look works for all around, trail, reining, and horsemanship. Close contact cutaway skirts and rigging, with sterling accented iron conchos, tips, "d's", and corner plates. Double Padded. Flank available for cow events too! All Around For Sale

View Bob's Cowhorse- All Around Built on the "DL" tree with the taller horn for deep cowhorse action. Sterling Conchos, rough out seat. Pre twist fenders. Cowhorse For Sale

View Bob's Arabian Show Saddle! Something new in Arabian western show saddles- High Performance; full leg movement. Already ring tested; Full sterling trim; Other sizes and trim packages available. All Around For Sale

View Silver Reiner! Back in stock- this sold out immediately last fall- new tree works for the any one interested in open level performance with a wider swell (not a wide seat) and deeper pocket. Here featuring medium oil and full sterling trim. Smooth out seat. Reining For Sale

View Duane Latimer 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5, Medium oil finish- fast selling Latimer model; Sterling trim; Work or show with this one. Top pix- deluxe model- last 2 pix- Value trim package. 14-18" available too! Reining For Sale

Our current featured saddles include:

MINT MINT MINT Bob\'s Show Saddle 15.5

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