Purchasing, Returns and Exchanges

CowdogSaddles.com Accepts the Following For New Saddles:

• Checks MasterCard
• Money Orders Visa
• Wire Transfers Discover
• Cashier's Checks American Express

CowdogSaddles.com Accepts the Following For Used Saddles:

• Checks • Wire Transfers
• Money Orders • Cashier's Checks

Saddles are shipped insured, via UPS ground usually within one-two business day after confirmed receipt of funds.

New or Floor Demo saddles are sold with a full satisfaction guarantee. These saddles are expensive and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. However, as you can understand, certain policies and restrictions will apply. When you receive the saddle, tape the bottom of the stirrups and ride the saddle on a dry, clean, horse in a dry paddock or arena, out of the rain. Do not use chaps, or clothing that may discolor the saddle or jeans with "bling" on the rear pockets as this can also damage the saddle.

If the saddle does not meet your every expectation, you may return the saddle (via UPS or FedEx insured, only) the next business day for a refund less shipping costs and a 5% restock fee. If saddle is exchanged or an order for a new custom Bob's Saddle is placed for equal or more value, the 5% restock fee shall be waived. Purchasers seeking a refund are required to provide proof of shipment within 36 hours of receipt. Saddles ridden in a show, or showing wear, soiled, faded, scratched, treated with silver polish, oil, or any leather cleaning product or conditioner, or not returned to and received by CowdogSaddles.com within 1 week of receipt by customer, will not be accepted for refund. Custom saddles that reflect current models but are not personalized are eligible for full refunds less shipping and a 5% restock fee. Personalized custom saddles (brands, logos, initials, unique sizes, finishes or styles) will not be eligible for refunds; please make all inquiries as to refund eligibility BEFORE purchasing.

Used saddles are sold with a 30 day exchange privilege towards any other items new or used. Used saddles that are to be returned must be returned to the seller in the same condition as they were sold, less normal wear at buyer's cost. Any saddle that is damaged, altered, or oiled or cleaned with any glycerin soap products or silver polish will not be accepted for return.

30 day exchange or store credit only on used saddles. No check, cash or credit card refunds on used saddles.